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Strong, Functional Umbrella

This is absolutely the best umbrella I have owned in a long time!  It is functional and fashionable!  I bought the turquoise blue because I am so tired of the sea of black umbrellas I see every time it rains.  I wish more people would have bright colored umbrellas to brighten up those dreary rainy days.  But I regress... This umbrella is different from the moment you get it home.  You can see the difference in just the opening of it when you see the sleeve it comes in and the material the sleeve is made of.  The umbrella is made of that same material. It is thicker than your standard umbrellas you can see that and the material feel is soft yet durable. When you see the handle it has the auto open/close button and a wrist strap.  The feel of the handle is almost like those plush microfiber materials yet made of plastic.  It felt very comfortable in hand and did not slip. When you finally open the umbrella there is a black 'powdercoat' on the entire metal frame which I
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Sunhats in Style

Hats were never really my thing until I realized that not only did they serve a purpose but they could be extremely fashionable as well!   I really am a person who loves to go outside, but my skin does not.  Even sunscreen can and has failed me.   I was excited to try this sun hat when I saw it because I love the look of it as trendy, chic and the embroidery and ribbon around the brim just finish it off perfectly. Once I had it on it became a part of me.  I knew it was just the thing.  It fit my head perfectly and covered my eyes and face from the harmful rays.  I wore it on the Boardwalk and when I was strolling I got a lot of compliments on the style.  It is a fashion forward and yet vintage style.  The hat travels well too.  Just fold it up and unfold at your destination and in a short while it springs back to the correct shape for you to grab it and go out an enjoy the day. This hat is so cute and comes with many sayings in the embroidery that I may have to pi

Great and Functional Shower Spa

I love this shower head!  I have needed a new shower head for a while.  I kept looking at them in the stores and then just never buying one.  My shower head was plastic and old.  It did not have different settings and certainly not a water shut off.   That's what makes the  PowerSpa 6-Setting Convenience/Mobility Hand Shower , 2-Tone so great!   The first thing I love is that it can be used as an overhead shower or a handheld shower.  I am short let's face it...5'4" and I have to ask my husband to reach everything high up unless I stand on a ladder.  This comes with the hardware to install it overhead and a holder so you can take it down and put it at your reach level. Second, the settings are so cool.  I have my  choice of a nice light rainfall type shower to a massaging water bead type spray.  Also a few mixes of this in between .   Thirdly, the water saver feature where you can flip the handle switch and shut off the spray, lather yourself all up and then

Apps and Web for Earning Cash and Gift Cards that Work

WEB: SwagBucks - If you are not using this site you should be. It is easy and fast.  Cash out for various Gift Cards or PayPal at a certain earning level. Search as you would any other search engine and you have a chance to stockpile SwagBucks.  You can shop online, do surveys, watch videos, print and redeem store coupons...all actions you might do anyway in the course of a day. The site also randomly announces SwagCodes which you enter in the SwagBox and earn too. I love this and have used this site for a few years on the web They have mobile apps too! I average $10.00 a month in earnings although you can earn more by doing more.       For more info  - SwagBucks MyPoints - Similar to SB above except you earn 5 points for each e-mail you open from MyPoints BonusMail, you can shop through the site, you can do the daily poll, answer surveys, print and redeem coupons for points.  Redeem for gift cards, save more earn more!  For More Info - MyPoints shopswell - This is a fu

Spritz'n Clean Amazing Ion Phone Cleaner

I really like this product.  Cell phones and tablets are among the dirtiest technology that we cannot live without these days.  Do you realize that if you do not clean the screens of the units and continue to use them you are just piling on the germs and spreading them around? If the unit touches your skin on your face when you are using it the germs make contact and this is a perfect a Not to mention the natural oils in your hands smudge the screens and make them unreadable. This is a great product for taking care of those nasty devices and ensuring you get a shiny screen and no germs to spread. You fill the chamber with the cleaning liquid and it comes out in an ionized fine mist on the screen.  You use the special MicroChamois that is infused with silver to wipe the screen.  Silver is known to have antimicrobial/antibacterial properties. That's it.  It could not be simpler and it works!  You get a nice carrying case for the device and a nice pouch made out of the same si

Gorgeous Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker

This is a beautiful bar accessory - this cocktail shaker set.  I heart it for several reasons. 1) Stainless steel is becoming ever more popular these days in kitchen gadgets and accessories.  My household is moving to that genre so I thought this would be a nice set would be a nice start to that in my household. 2) It is not just the shaker that makes this it is also the jigger measure that comes with it in order to measure out 1/2 oz and 1 oz of additives for more precise cocktails. There are also 2 pour spouts which are a great bonus that will ensure the drinks have the right amount of liquor and taste awesome! The set comes boxed nicely.  Inside there is a black velour bag and each piece of the set is packaged in plastic so there are no scratches. The bag is a plus because you can take it with you on the go if your friends don't have a fully stocked set of bar accessories. It also is easy to store it back in the bag which will preserve the beautiful look of the stainl

Rapid Release Pain Relief That Works

I love sampling products that I know come from trusted brands and from a site that comes through with lots of awesomeness.  I am talking about Crowdtap with whom I have been a loyal user of for a few years now. This newest sampling is a brand you may be familiar with as I have written about it before a few years ago.  I am talking about Advil.  This product is a Rapid Release formula and makes it their fastest acting Advil to date.  I received my samples recently and funnily enough immediately following a short stay in hospital for a pain related malady. Coincidence? Maybe fate was looking down? Either way it was pretty incidental. The samples were such a relief because I choose not to take prescription painkillers unless absolutely supremely necessary. The way I was feeling at that moment was that I know Advil has worked in the past and I was hoping it would work this time too. I would have been disappointed not to be able to bounce back a little quicker.  However th

Great NEW Haircare from L'Oreal

Well here I am with another health and beauty dilemma.  My hair has not been in its greatest shape recently.  This is both due to the weather which has been on a really strange up and down trend as well as a few unexpected illnesses and a short hospital stay. Yes, I do color my hair.  3 times a year.  Not so much.  So that's not really it. I could blame it all on getting older or the dreaded 'h' word (hormones) and as those factors contribute that's not all of it.  Its the environment, constantly brushing and combing it, putting it up, taking it down, over washing, under washing, I could go on. All of these factors together contribute to my dry lifeless hair. I was excited to try these new products by L'Oreal Paris.  They are Advanced Haircare Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Shampoo, Nourishing Conditioner and Lustrous Oil Serum.  Yes oil... I know what you are thinking, my hair will be greasy or feel oily after use.  NOT true.  I was a skeptic at first but